aefa1305-aab0-468b-812f-033738b959efElectrics outside your property have to be safe and completed using the correct materials and equipment. We carry out all types of wiring outside of properties, from a supply to a consumer unit in the garage, to an outside light or a socket outside the
front of your house so you can vacuum the car easily.

More and more are looking at getting out-buildings added on their properties, perhaps an office to reduce the cost of renting office space, or perhaps an out-building for their guests to stay or perhaps granny annex. Maybe you just want to fully optimise the garage space and have electrics installed in your garage. All of these will require electrical supplies and then careful planning as to where you require sockets etc. We have the knowledge and can advise and work with you to design what is needed
specifically for you. Depending on how big your project is you may need to work alongside building control, which means the building regulations are to be met, and a building regulator will require you to provide certain particulars, including that your
electrical works have been carried out by competent electricians. We are NICEIC domestic installers and approved contractors, this giving you full peace of mind that your works are to be of a very high standard. All our works are fully certificated upon

Maybe you require a much smaller job to be carried out. Many of us perhaps like to have a security light, or a light that you switch on when answering the door. You can not install just any old light outside of your property. It has to meet the correct IP
rating. (IP stands for Ingress protection – protection from foreign bodies and water)

You can either have a light that you switch on, or perhaps a light that is controlled via a PIR sensor and turns on automatically when someone walks in the area. You may worry that it will keep coming on during the day, but as long as it has been set up
correctly it can be set to come on when it gets dark and not during daylight hours.

Want to get some power within your garden, maybe to a pump for your pond, or maybe a socket outlet for your electric lawnmower?
Do you need some power for your outside Christmas decorations? We can help, no job is too small for us.