bathroom-zonesThere is a large variety of lights that you can get on today’s market that are suitable for bathrooms. From spotlights to LED ribbon lighting or perhaps traditional illuminated mirror lighting with shaver points. All of these need to meet the correct IP rating (ingress protection).

One of the main electrical items found within the bathroom would be a shower. A 9.0kw shower draws 40 amps, so requires a 40 amp breaker supplying it. Depending on the amps being drawn determines the size of cable needed to be used, (The higher the amps the larger the cable). There are many other factors needed to be taken into account, the cable route also needs to be thought out, if the cable goes through the loft and is covered in loft insulation this may also play a big factor as to what size cable is
used. We too often come across cable sizes being incorrect, and if to small this can be an electrical fire risk.

Tiled flooring is a common type of flooring wanted in a bathroom but as we all know, tiled flooring can be cold first thing in the mornings. This is simply fixed with some under floor heating. All that is required is a fused spur to supply a programmer which is connected to the mat and temperature probe.

Electrical works within bathrooms are classed as a specialized location, and if these works are not carried out by a professional then it may not be safe. RCD’s are often used in bathrooms, and earth bonding needs to be carried out to the current standards.
We can guarantee that all works are done correctly and once again always backed up with a valid certificate.